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Watch a GTA V Player Fight For His Life in this Great Fan Film


Watch a GTA V Player Fight For His Life in this Great Fan Film

Run, fool, run! They gon’ kill youuuuuuuuu!!

There’s a lot to do in GTA V, whether it’s the multiple missions Rockstar and the game’s characters provide for you, or just messing around with your friends. Eventually, things are going to become a game of tag, only instead of tag, you’re using every arsenal in your pocket to kill the person who tagged you back. Ah, middle school. With the release of GTA V on PC came the addition of a video editor, which lead to this impressive video from YouTube user Boris the Blade.

“The Hit” is a short two minute video about two guys just enjoying their day in GTA V by listening to some shock jockey on the radio. And then the stuff hits the fan and one guy is trying desperately to not die. Motorcycles, helicopters, and yes explosions are all used in this well done video. If you’re interested in more of Boris’ stuff, he’s also got videos for GTA V, Rust, DayZ, Battlefield, and others. Give him a look!

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