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Ubisoft Finally Reveals Assassin's Creed Syndicate


Ubisoft Finally Reveals Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Brass knuckles, ziplines, and beatdowns galore in the next entry to the series.

Well, after several leaks and rumors, Ubisoft has finally revealed Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in full. After kicking off their livestream with employees talking about the reception to Unity, they showed off an artistic trailer with narration by our protagonist Jacob Frye about ending the oppression in 1868 London during the Industrial Revolution. Jacob was born and raised an Assassin, along with his twin sister Evie, and they run a gang together with the hopes of freeing London from the oppressive Templar rule. Where Jacob is headstrong and brutal, Evie is much more calculating and cautious. Despite what the rumor mill was saying, she wasn’t shown to be playable at this reveal, but she’s said to be guiding Jacob on his journey. According to Ubisoft, you’ll be able to switch between the characters in the open world similar to GTA V, but the player character will be locked during missions.

The gameplay demo starts off with Jacob pulling out a wicked looking Kukri knife–curved blade, think of Emile from Halo Reach–and slicing some enemies up before literally throwing it into a guy’s head. He proceeds to show off his weaponry while also kicking serious ass–revolver, kukri, hidden blades, and brass knuckles, cleverly described as “when a punch to the face just isn’t enough”. We then move on to watch Jacob go to a London slum to liberate it and have it become new territory for your gang while in London.

During this time, we’re shown the zipline, which can be used similar to the grapple and line launcher in Batman Arkham games in that you can use it to get up to high places in lieu of climbing or to quickly cross a gap and get the drop on an enemy in the process. Jacob uses his hidden blades to kill an enemy before his position is notified, then uses hallucinogenic blades to turn enemies against each other and make things easier for him to take the slum. Upon burning down the enemy flag, you’re confronted by Bloody Nora of the Templars, who immediately books it once her plan to shoot him dead is stopped by Evie. Jacob chases after her in a carriage, showing off your ability to ram carriages into each other, then confronts Bloody Nora and her gang with his own at a bridge. Jacob and his gang brutally beat down Nora’s, with Jacob then declaring that the remaining gang members now work for him and Evie.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate doesn’t arrive until October 23, and after last year with Unity, it’s easy to not be excited for a new entry. But after what we’ve seen today with the reworked combat, new gadgets, and increased movement, we’re excited to learn more.

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