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The Lighthouse is a Secret Trials of Osiris Destiny Social Area on Mercury


The Lighthouse is a Secret Trials of Osiris Destiny Social Area on Mercury

Only the best around can reach this area.

Although rumored through datamining efforts months ago, with the launch of the new Destiny House of Wolves PvP mode, Trials of Osiris today, we have confirmation on a secret social area on Mercury. Getting there is going to be difficult though.

The Lighthouse is reserved for the “true champions of the Crucible” and getting there requires a flawless run of 9-0 through the Trials of Osiris. Upon arriving at the Lighthouse, champions are greeted to an elaborate cutscene and can travel down a long hallway leading to a chest similar to the one guardians can open at the end of the Destiny’s new House of Wolves PvE mode, Prison of Elders.

So far players are reporting the following drops from the chest at The Lighthouse: Etheric Light, legendary Trials of Osiris armor and weapons (including the Messenger, Ordeal, The Summoner), an exotic emblem and a shot at exotic equipment.

While there isn’t much else to do besides enjoy the view and claim your prize, it’s still a very neat touch that players who sink the time mastering their Crucible skills will appreciate.

See below for more information on this week’s Trials of Osiris, and best of luck trying to reach The Lighthouse this weekend! Also be sure to check out Destiny House of Wolves Wiki Guide for tips, tricks, features and guides!

The Trials of Osiris, is a new competitive mode that pits guardians against each other in intense elimination style combat. Teams that can streak together wins can earn lucrative rewards, including access to legendary equipment. You’ll need a pre-made fireteam and quite a few victories in a row to earn some of the best equipment, but there are some purchasable consumables that will make your life easier, including ones that forgive losses and add wins. You can visit Brother Vance in the Reef right now to take a look at what he will have for sale. Just keep in mind that the Trials of Osiris will begin each week on Friday and end on Tuesday at the weekly reset.

Thanks to Tyler Isquirdo and his fireteam (donthatetha808,Ventus_26, Intrepid_Hunter7) and Tony Labib (theprince_L) for help with the information and pictures!

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