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Top 10 Bat-Gadgets We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Knight


Top 10 Bat-Gadgets We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Knight

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Last week, Rocksteady Games revealed on their announcement blog a brand new Bat-Gadget available in Batman: Arkham Knight called the Disruptor. The blog outlines the main features of the gadget as follows:

The Disruptor has three charges per engagement, requiring Batman to carefully select how best to use each charge in order to compliment his plan of attack. The core abilities at Batman’s disposal out of the box are:

-Jamming enemies weapons when they attempt to fire at Batman.

-Exploding enemy weapons (by using two charges on the same weapon).

-Rigging weapon crates to shock enemies who try to arm themselves.

-Tagging vehicles with tracking devices for Batmobile pursuits.

The Disruptor devices promises to provide a whole new suite of options and strategies to give Batman an edge against the legions of henchmen & villains organized under the Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight. It is armed with a long range scope enabling him to do recon and prepare for assaults at a safer but equally accurate distance. When upgraded to higher levels, it can target and affect multiple enemies and weapons simultaneously. It can also disable the turrets mounted onto the Arkham Knight’s Drone Tanks. Lastly, and most importantly, it looks extremely badass.

Inspired by this new piece of Bat-gadgetry, this week’s edition of Twinfinite Talks is prefaced by the question: what Batman gadgets would you like to see appear in Batman: Arkham Knight, and why? We gathered the best responses from our fans and staff on Facebook and Twitter to present the top 10 Bat-Gadgets we would love to see appear in Batman: Arkham Knight – which will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 23rd, 2015.

It looks like Alfred and Lucius Fox have their work cut out for them.

Batman has one rule. “No guns.” Although, he has bent that rule from time to time… awkward much?

Jorge Salazar: The bat gun.

Didn’t Lincoln International realize that guns are “loud and clumsy… and the weapons of cowards?”

Paul Houston Waterman: Bruce Wayne’s Glock from the first episode of Batman Beyond LOLOLOL.

Chris Samson: Batman seems to bend the no-guns policy of his time to time – dat Glock, the sniper rifle he uses in The Dark Knight Returns, missiles armed in the Batwing, a extremely powerful gun he uses against Darkseid, etc, etc.

“Back up.”

Chris Samson: I would love the sonic gadget he has in his boot that summons an army of bats in Batman: Year One and Batman Begins.

What could be scarier than real bats?

Not exactly the kind of bat-robots I was thinking of… technically, they fit the bill.

Chris Samson: Hey Justin, remember the Black Ops III feature you wrote? Batman should be able to shoot robotic bats from his hands.

Might as well become Man-Bat – for the sake of staying consistent with your motif, Mr. Wayne.

Paul Houston Waterman: Those syringes from Batman Beyond that turned everyone into Furries.

The Bat-Credit Card – never leave the Bat-Cave without it.

Oh god, I never noticed the “Batman Forever” pun until now. Curse you, Joel Schumacher, curse you!

In Brightest Day, And Darkest Knight, No Ever Shall Escape His Sight…

Chaz Miller: Well, I mean in Lego Batman 3 you get to use the fucking Green Lantern ring so – hey, do that.

Chaz Miller: It should be post-game content to be honest. “Okay, good job. Now wreck everyone.”

Achievement unlocked!

Chris Samson: Hey Chaz. Take a look at this.

Chaz Miller: JFC!

Considering the fact that Batman prepares for every possible situation, a Bat-Time Machine isn’t too far-fetched…

Yamilia Avendaño: A time machine. So he can stop his parents from dying and reversing years upon years of trauma.

Chris Samson: A most commendable addition. His utility belt is practically a TARDIS itself – bigger on the inside, fits everything and anything. But he also has Supes to do that for him too, haha.

Rocksteady – you’ve graciously given us a Batman Beyond skin. This isn’t asking for too much, is it?

Chris Samson: Anything from Batman Beyond is an instant yes – driving around in the Batman Beyond Batmobile would be so cool.

The Bat-Cave could really use some Feng Shui. Get on that, Alfred.

Benjamin Mullen: The line launcher was super helpful so I’m betting on that returning. Honestly, I’d really like a more developed Bat-Cave. Giant penny, etc.

Chris Samson: YES. Don’t forget the giant T-Rex!

Come on, now. You all knew this was coming!

Stan Guderski: Bat Shark Repellant!

Chris Samson:

Dalton Pain: Shark Repellant Bat-Spray, because it would be awesome to see how Rocksteady included an explanation for it in-game.

Which one of these items would you want to see most in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game? Is there some other Bat-Gadget you had in mind? Remember, Bat-Fans, no request is too small for the Dark Knight. Why? Because Batman “makes it Wayne” all the damn time.

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