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This New Five Nights At Freddy's Fan Film Will Give You Nightmares


This New Five Nights At Freddy's Fan Film Will Give You Nightmares

Thanks Springtrap – now I won’t sleep again for another week.

In a recent collaborative effort, by video production company/director, Deviant Pictures Films and Youtube channel – Typhoon Cinema, a video titled “Death Scene Springtrap – 2 Evil Eyes” proves to be the scariest and the most well produced Five Nights at Freddy’s fan film out there on the web. If there was any doubt in people’s minds that the Five Nights at Freddy’s Hollywood film adaptation would not be viable, this short but sweet video presents a truly terrifying and enjoyable proof-of-concept.

During general gameplay, you are confined to a security console with finite resources and means to track the animatronic ghouls that roam the hallways at night. A significant part of the horror is derived from the fact that you can’t actually don’t see Freddy Fazbear or Chica roam around in real-time. Here and there, you’ll see their faces leering at you through the camera monitors out of the blue, or you’ll catch a glimpse of their shadows & silhouettes after looking away for a brief second. When you do finally see their visages with your own two eyes, it is usually a brief precursor to your own demise and the dreaded “Game Over” screen.

However, this fan film presents an unique and unsettling film experience. It tracks and follows Springtrap prowling the run-down entertainment establishment using classic horror movie shots and angles, and effective use of cuts. An intermittent mix of measured pauses and unnerving, inhuman twitchy movement gives Springtrap the makings of an instant, classic movie monster. The dark tone is rounded out with a perfectly matched grungy, industrial soundtrack composed by Kevin Sargent. Despite being quite a short video, not a single second or moment of pacing was wasted in building and maintaining tension until the grisly end. You better be taking good notes, Hollywood.

Did you enjoy the fan film? Is this an approach that you would like to see in the Hollywood adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s? Feel free to comment and share below! And check out other works by Deviant Picture Films!

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