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The Division Will Make You Wait Another Year


The Division Will Make You Wait Another Year

The waiting game.

While yet another Assassin’s Creed game is presented by Ubisoft, The Division slides more and more into the realm of oblivion. The really funny thing is we still don’t really know what this title is going to be about. Ubisoft has been surprisingly secretive when it comes to details, additional information and gameplay mechanics. This made it seem as if The Division had been cancelled. At least until today, when Ubisoft’s FY 2015 Earnings Presentation was published.

Good news: The Division is still being produced, it will have “amazing graphics,” it will be available for PC, and (as previously known) it’s going to be a open-world MMO RPG. Bad news: it’s been delayed once again.

As stated in the 19th page of said document, The Division is now expected to reach our gaming platforms on Q4 of FY 2016. In other words, it’s a very long way with nothing in our hands to make it worth the while. The facts are as hard as it gets: almost one whole year passed between the last two Ubiblog posts about this title and we still don’t know if it’s going to be something completely new.

On the bright side, there are two Ubisoft studios currently working on The Division (Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft Annecy). Even though Annecy’s contribution to the project is being kept secret, its experience on series such as Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell will definitely benefit the title’s final quality.

Yeah, we’ll have to wait a bit more, but luckily this game is going to be as amazing as it seemed when it was first announced. Just cross your fingers and start working on that gaming backlog.

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