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The Best Destiny PvP Classes for Trials of Osiris Ranked


The Best Destiny PvP Classes for Trials of Osiris Ranked

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6: Striker

Destiny House of Wolves has been a little rough to the poor Striker. Ranked last on our PvE Prison of Elders list, we’re also going to have to leave Striker at 6th place for Trials of Osiris as well. Once again, just because Striker is 6th, doesn’t mean we think Striker is a bad class by any means. However, because of how Trials of Osiris matches are set up, Strikers need to be extra careful. More so than the other offensively minded subclasses.

The two major uniquely Striker abilities in PvP are Fist of Havoc and Shoulder Charge. In normal Crucible, Strikers can run up to enemies with little risk and wreak havoc on the front lines. In Trials of Osiris however, death can be crippling. Strikers need to plan their offensive pushes very carefully. Unlike the Bladedancer that has damage resistance and speed to help close the gap, Strikers without an aerial advantage have to get almost right up to the enemy to use their super. The longer you have to wait around to time your Fist of Havoc or Shoulder Charge, the more pointless Striker becomes as you realize you could have picked another class and have already made use of your super and abilities.

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