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Star Ruler 2 Review


Star Ruler 2 Review

Star Ruler 2 is an ambitious, streamlined space-age strategy game from indie dev Blind Mind Studios.

Star Ruler 2 on PC

There’s a lot to be said for the strategy genre as a whole. As one of the most enduring types of games out there, Star Ruler 2 has a lot to live up to as an independent entry to the category. Fortunately, with its careful straddling of the line between turn-based and real-time strategy types, there’s actually quite a lot to like about this space-oriented 4X adventure, even for those who may not typically be fans of the genre.

Star Ruler 2 Fleet Combat

The game’s fleet-based real-time combat can get pretty hairy at times, but isn’t tough to get the hang of.

Star Ruler 2 manages a pretty tough task, really, by creating a relatively simple and easily approachable game that’s still got quite a bit of the complexity that strategy fans have come to love. The core of the game centers around the colonization of planets and development of a fleet to keep your citizens safe. On top of this, there’s a diplomacy system for interacting with other factions, a design system for developing or modifying your ships, and a robust resource mechanic for keeping your planets prosperous. Each of these are accessible through a browser-like tab system that keeps things well-organized and easy to manage.

star ruler 2 diplomacy tab

The diplomacy tab can be a bit intimidating at a glance, but is pretty well put together if you know what you’re looking at.

On top of the accessible tab mechanism, Star Ruler 2 keeps the action manageable by allowing players to control the game speed on the fly, ranging from 0.2x to 10x speed. This makes the early going much easier, as players can easily stop the action to work on designs or sort out interplanetary resource flow, or to speed things up for colonization and exploration. Players can easily swap between tabs at any time, making managing your growing empire straightforward despite the number of things going on at any given time.

Star Ruler 2 Ship Design

Ship design is a nice, easy point and click interface that allows a ton of customization, so long as you can afford the new upgrades.

With the simplicity of design, complexity of play, and all-around well-rounded look and feel, Star Ruler 2 puts together a great package. While it’s not as in-depth in some ways as bigger-budget strategy titles, there’s more than enough here to whet the appetite of interested players, and the available tutorial and pause function make it more than accessible to less-experienced players, as well. There’s also the matter of customization, including a very active Steam Workshop community to allow players to dive into far more than just what’s presented in the base game.

Star Ruler 2 Planets Tab

The Planets tab allows players a quick, birds-eye view of their empire. Planets are organized in a reverse flow chart based on where they’re exporting resources.

With its massive scale, broad customization, and entirely solid core, Star Ruler 2 has everything that you’d expect from an indie-developed 4X strategy title and then some. While the $24.99 price on Steam may seem a bit high for an indie game, I don’t hesitate at all to say that buyers would get their money’s worth very quickly. Throw in the 28-player/AI support and the highly-active mod/player community, and this is a clear go-to for those who’ve been looking for a breath of fresh air in the strategy genre, as well as those who love to get their hands on the workings of a game to make something unique.

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