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Rumor: See Gears of War Remastered Footage in These Videos


Rumor: See Gears of War Remastered Footage in These Videos

Get those chainsaws at the ready!

Videos for what appears to be remastered, Xbox One versions of the Gears of War games have started appearing online this week.

The videos were apparently captured with the Xbox One’s built in DVR system, allowing gamers to record their gameplay footage. The videos were quickly removed from several sites that automatically pull Xbox One recordings from the cloud, but not before they were grabbed by hawk-eyed fans and reposted elsewhere across the internet.

The video seems to show what looks like an original Gears of War, remastered with huge improvements made to the lighting effects, textures and framerate when compared to the Xbox 360 original.

You may have remembered that the whole Gears of War Remastered rumor reached new levels of hype when Phil Spencer gave a potential hint of the franchise getting a collection remaster back in March. However shortly after this rumor hit the internet like wildfire, a member of Black Tusk studios commented on the rumored Gears of War collection by saying nothing was in development over there.

Since then sources believed that Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios were developing a remastered version of just the original Gears of War for Xbox One. It is now believed however that developer Splash Damage, the team behind Brink and Dirty Bomb, are working on the Gears of War remaster.

Whilst there does seem to be a lot of uncertainty in the rumors as to whether fans can expect to see just a remaster of the original Gears of War or the ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’, these new videos do suggest that fans will hopefully be seeing at least something very soon.

The videos found below do seem to suggest that we could be seeing a remaster of the original Gears of War coming to Xbox One. You can check out the videos below.

If you ask me the footage looks mighty fine! Let’s just hope Gears of War remastered/ ultimate/ whatever it’s called will be confirmed at E3, and we get to see some more up close action with the shotgun.

What do you think of the video footage? Would this sway those of you who don’t have an Xbox One to buy one? Let us know in the comments below.

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