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Rocksteady Games Reveals Batgirl as a Playable Character in Arkham Knight Season Pass


Rocksteady Games Reveals Batgirl as a Playable Character in Arkham Knight Season Pass

Welcome to the party, Batgirl.

In an official announcement on the Arkham Knight forums, the developers revealed in-depth insight into the types of content gamers could look forward to in the future if they purchase the Arkham Knight Season Pass. Rocksteady Game developers had previously announced that new DLC content would be released within 6 months after the game’s official release on June 23rd for $40.

In response to fan criticism and concerns about the pricing of the Season Pass despite little amount of information about DLC content being publicly available, Rocksteady Games responded and delivered. Hands down the most exciting news in this announcement is that Batgirl will be a playable character in the game – in fact, this is her first-time ever debut in the Arkham franchise. Fans were treated to this awe-inspiring and wonderful character reveal:

You got me, Rocksteady Games. Take all of my money!

In an installment dubbed, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, this beloved super-heroine is set to star in a prequel storyline set within an entirely new location in the game. No details or hints on what the storyline premise could possibly be have been revealed yet.

As a matter of complete speculation, judging from the title, it could either involve a story related to her father – Commissioner James Gordon, or maybe it is referring to the Bat-family. Considering that the recently released, amazing “All Who Follow You” trailer revealed the Dual Play option featuring Batman’s greatest allies – perhaps Batgirl’s DLC will similarly allow you to fight with and interact with Nightwing or Robin.

This Batgirl is most likely Barbara Gordon. It would make sense to follow the prequel route because Barbara Gordon has nonetheless played a critical role in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City as Oracle – the tech-wiz and intelligence support operator for Batman. In Arkham Origins, players see a much younger Barbara Gordon who assists and supports Batman’s mission but has yet to take on the mantle of Batgirl. It is possible this story takes place in between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum. In Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Oracle was voiced by Kimberly Brooks; in Arkham Origins, she was voiced by Laura Bailey. Could we expect one of these voice actresses to return?

Finally, Rocksteady Games is always known to have pushed the envelope on grittiness, scope, escalation, and the high level of stakes in each game’s story. Are they bold enough to include a possible adaptation of the comic book story, The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, involving the highly iconic but controversial plot point of Joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon? We will have to wait and see.

Other exciting reveals as part of the official announcement include:

The Season of Infamy – Play as Batman in all new story missions featuring legendary super-villains invading Gotham City, with new story arcs, missions and gameplay features.

Gotham City Stories – Play as Batman’s key allies in narrative missions extending their storylines, from both before and after the events in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Legendary Batmobiles with Themed TracksDrive the most iconic Batmobiles from Batman’s 75-year history, on custom-built race tracks, each themed to that Batmobile’s specific era. Every Batmobile will be drivable across every race track.

Crimefighter Challenge MapsEngage in a series of new challenge maps utilizing the unique play styles of Batman and his allies.

Character SkinsA variety of skins from across the eras for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set for release on June 23rd, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. How excited are you about Batgirl’s reveal and the Season Pass DLC content? What do you think the new storylines, especially Batgirl’s, will be about? Feel free to comment below!

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