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Rockstar's Latest GTA V PC Patch Reportedly Breaks Mods


Rockstar's Latest GTA V PC Patch Reportedly Breaks Mods

Could this be the end of GTA V mods?

In what may have been a deliberate move by Rockstar or simply a bout of bad luck on the modding community’s part, GTA V’s latest PC patch makes it much more difficult to use mods and actually completely breaks one of the more popular examples.

Yesterday, we reported that GTA V had been patched to fix a bunch of in-game problems including the loss of garage-held vehicles and some spawning issues. However some members of the GTA V modding community have been reporting that it makes some of their mods cease working completely. One major casualty in all this is Alexander Blade’s Script Hook V.

Script Hook V has been rendered unusable in GTA V thanks to a change made by Rockstar in the game’s hashing system. As a result, the elements that Script Hook V latches onto in order to work no longer exist in their current form.

Alexander Blade has promised that they’ll try to find a workaround or to completely fix the Script Hook V mod as soon as possible however it could take a while. You can still use the mod if you’ve held onto older versions of GTA V before it was patched. If you have not, the files necessary can be found over on the GTAForums.

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