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PSA: Destiny House of Wolves' Trials of Osiris Starts This Weekend


PSA: Destiny House of Wolves' Trials of Osiris Starts This Weekend

Don’t worry it’s coming.

Destiny House of Wolves launched today and has provided fans with a lot of new content. Some of the most touted features includes new missions, a new strike, a new cooperative arena, and of course the Trials of Osiris, the new competitive mode that pits guardians against each other in intense elimination style combat. Teams that can streak together wins can earn pretty lucrative rewards. You’ll need a pre-made fireteam and quite a few victories in a row to earn some of the best equipment, but there are some purchasable consumables that will make your life easier. You can visit Brother Vance in the Reef right now to take a look at what he will have for sale.

If you were logging in today, wondering where the heck Trials of Osiris is and haven’t kept up with the news over the last few weeks do not fret. Trials of Osiris is a weekend based event. Each week Trials of Osiris will start on Friday and will end at the weekly reset (Tuesdays). This week’s map will be The Burning Shrine, the small map that takes place on Mercury. Each week the map will change.

Luckily though for PvP fans, the Trials of Osiris isn’t the only new piece of content to grace Destiny House of Wolves. There are also new PvP maps and increased rewards for all Crucible modes. This includes double crucible marks and increased reputation, better rewards for finishing towards the top of your team, and legendary engrams.

So hang tight if you were eagerly anticipating the Trials of Osiris, it’s coming soon. In the meantime hop on over to our Destiny House of Wolves Wiki Guide and get started on the other new content! Want to farm some legendary keys? We got you covered. Want to dive into Prison of Elders? Check out our starter tips. Just want to level up to 34 ASAP? We got the best way to do just that.

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