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Phil Spencer Embraces Skepticism about PC Gaming on Windows


Phil Spencer Embraces Skepticism about PC Gaming on Windows

Spencer is confident, are you?

Phil Spencer, the Head of Microsoft’s Xbox division has revealed that he “embraces the skepticism” people have when they think of Microsoft bringing PC gaming to Windows.

Spencer said that he and his team are “fully committed to expanding” across all Windows 10 devices and believes that the new unified store will very powerful, as it will allow Xbox developers to “seamlessly move from Xbox to PC“.

“This will sound funny, but I embrace the skepticism people might have because of Games For Windows – Live. It’s in our past, and wasn’t a fleshed-out programmer fully supported by the Xbox team; it was another thing that was separate,” said Spencer.
Spencer know that he will have to win back people’s trust after Games for Windows LIVE was so widely rejected by PC gamers. Spencer commented on this, saying:
“But if you bet on us for Games For Windows – Live, I can understand somebody saying, “Hey, you’re going to have to earn my trust back.” And that’s why when I stand there talking about it, I’m not showing any fancy videos, I’m not trying to pizzazz you with anything other than, “Here’s what we are; here’s what we’re trying to do. And the SDKs are available now.””
When asked whether or not he thinks Windows 10 will be able to challenge Steam, Spencer said:

“I think Steam’s great, and they have a lot of my money – a large part of my games library is in Steam. Steam is very much a gamer’s store, but I think our Windows Store will start off with a diversity of content like the App Store or Google Play, I think there are enough gaming customers to go round, and I don’t expect anybody’s going to delete their Steam account when they buy a game in the Windows Store and vice versa.”

“If you’re an Xbox developer, there are some tools that we’re providing that allow you to seamlessly move from Xbox to PC – Xbox Live and the Universal App Platform will be helpful for those guys. I love what Steam is doing – Valve is an innovative company, and I don’t think the world’s going to dissolve down to one retailer, either on the high street or digitally.”

Phil Spencer certainly seems confident but time will tell if Microsoft has what it takes to be successful in the arena of PC gaming.

[Source: GamesRadar]

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