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This Ocarina of Time Custom N64 Is the Best Birthday Present Ever


This Ocarina of Time Custom N64 Is the Best Birthday Present Ever

And the winner of the girlfriend of the year award is…

Just look at the majesty of this Nintendo 64. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a more intense and detailed custom console ever. What makes this even better though? Apparently someone ordered this as a gift for their boyfriend who is a huge Ocarina of Time fan.

Created by Vadu Amka, this The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time themed N64 is modeled to look like it’s actually made up of moss and stone. Resembling what could be an artifact that you would actually find in Ocarina of Time yourself. Although Ocarina of Time and the N64 are decades old now, awesome custom consoles such as these still get made quite regularly. Here’s how Vadu Amka describes it:

The ancestral gems being very important items for the main quest, I chose to remind their shape under the console’s logo. As a reminder, they are the Kokiri emerald, the Goron ruby and the Zora saphire. The console’s logo was also remade in order to stay close to the saga’s typography.
A little additional wink for this friend to please him.

I have already explained the techniques I used in previous publishings, the shield was remolded in resin, for a little bit thinner and angular rendering.
The basic model comes from the MetalFGS forge. The gold aspect for the buttons is worn and shiny to match with the rest of the console, that is rather ancestral. At last, the Triforce is remembered on the game pad.

Definite nominee for girlfriend of the year right there. It’s just a shame this isn’t a thing that I can just go to a store right now and buy. It’s not just the console either, even the controllers get that awesome attention to detail.  Check out the rest of the photos of this amazing custom Nintendo 64 below:

custom n64
custom n64
custom n64
custom n64

Thanks to Kotaku for digging this one out!


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