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Nintendo Considering Region-Free Future


Nintendo Considering Region-Free Future

No region locks makes Mario a happy plumber!

According to the latest comments from Nintendo’s president and CEO Satoru Iwata, we may not be seeing a region locked platform next from Nintendo.

While Nintendo has no intention of removing Wii U or 3DS region locks, the possibility of not having such restrictions tied to its next console are being discussed within Nintendo.

“Removing region-locking from current game machines presents various issues, so we don’t consider that to be very realistic.” Said Iwata during Nintendo’s latest Q&A with investors.

Though it does suck that we won’t be playing any of those early release games from other territories on our own region’s consoles any time soon. We can all hope that Nintendo follow through with these considerations and hark back to the comments made by Iwata last November in a similar investor Q&A. These discussions over region locking during investor Q&A sessions does suggest that it a rather pressing issue within the company. Who knows we may even find out more at this years E3.

“However, regarding NX, given the customer feedback and proposals from the market, while nothing has been decided yet, we’re currently investigating internally what problems there would be in realizing it,” he added. “You can think of that as the current situation. I understand your desire, so I’d like to look at it optimistically going forward.”

Considering the Wii U’s poor performance in sales when compared to the likes of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a business decision such as removing region locking would be a sure fire way for Nintendo to get a bit more hype around their next platform.

What do you think about the removal of region locks? Is it something that would be a big game changer for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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