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Night Terrors Brings Paranormal Activity to Your Home


Night Terrors Brings Paranormal Activity to Your Home

AR ghosts and demons.

Horror games are one thing. And games like Alone for the Oculus Rift that simulate a horror story as the gamer plays on their couch are definitely new forms of terror. But what about a smartphone app for augmented reality? Only instead of dragons swooping about, you get the literal pants scared off you.

Enter Night Terrors, aptly named for the psychological phenomenon that occurs separate from nightmares during NREM sleep, which will most likely cause the same feelings of terror and dread. The “game” works on a pretty sophisticated level. Using the phone camera the app will map one’s entire abode right up to the wall hangings.

Too scary to play?

Too scary to play?

From there, the app will project the ghosties into the rooms when viewed through the phone. And demons. And it also just might drop the pictures and stuff from your walls to the floor in order to create that special pants-soiling atmosphere.

Currently available for pre-order via Indiegogo, it’s no small surprise that a game like this is gaining traction. Now that Microsoft has unveiled its HoloLens augmented reality system, other uses taking advantage of everyday AR will definitely start cropping up. Before the HoloLens becomes commercially viable games that utilize smartphones like Night Terrors will enjoy their time in the spotlight.

This game has some ambitions development goals.

This game has some ambitions development goals.

As a game, Night Terrors promises two simple objectives: “Save the girl” and “Survive.” Classic (and outdated) horror movie tropes to be sure, but when the player is the protagonist of their own horror movie they might not seem so laughable.

Night Terrors promises both a visually and audibly horrifying experience using a top-notch set of programs to make the game as immersive as possible. Whether that’s a good thing or bad is up to you. What we can say for sure is that if Night Terrors is successfully funded there will be some pretty amazing stories to tell around the campfire soon.

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