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New Plants vs. Zombies Game Details Emerge from the Soil


New Plants vs. Zombies Game Details Emerge from the Soil

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In a conference call to investors, EA revealed some juicy details of its lineup for 2016. Among the slide presentation released, there was a listing of release windows for certain games. A surprise Plants vs. Zombies title can be spotted for a “Q4” release window, translating to a release within January 1-March 31, 2016.

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This was a not previously announced title that appears to be teased here. Clever EA. Teasing a new game in a popular series inside of the one place no one really wants to look: quarterly reports. While this Plants vs. Zombies has a bolded TBA next to it, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that it is a follow-up to Garden Warfare and more details will be at this year’s E3. Are you excited for the next addition in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise?

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