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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Jason Voorhees


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Jason Voorhees

Ch ch ch…ah ah ah


Jason Voorhees has finally been let loose on his fellow kombatants in Mortal Kombat X. Of course having a pretty much unkillable, mass murdering, mommy-issues having psychopath isn’t exactly fair, nor is he exactly “mortal”. But the good folks at Netherrealm thought it would be a grand idea to put Jason up against some of the franchise’s top fighters in a battle to the death. Kicking off his three variations is Unstoppable. This makes Jason a true nightmare, and perfectly captures the foe who many have come to fear from the Friday the 13th series of films.

Unstoppable provides Jason with damage and healing buffs, as well as the ability to come back from the dead (yeah, you read that right). Punishment gives Jason a temporary damage buff, allowing him to deal out massive amounts of hurt in a short period of time. Rampant provides the same buff only with a much quicker animation, making it harder for opponents to interrupt this special, but it comes at the cost of a third of your special meter. Rise, on the other hand allows Jason to heal slowly over time. When mixed with his uncanny ability, and unexpected speed, both buffs allow Jason to remain on the aggressive with ease. If things get a bit too hairy, and Jason happens to be defeated, Resurrection brings Jason back from the dead with a life bar that is filled based on the amount of Super Meter he had remaining at the time of death.

This variation is perfect for those who like to play a little recklessly. What Jason lacks in special abilities and attacks while using the Unstoppable variation, he more than makes up for with his ability to stay in the fight longer than most.

Punishment: Down, Down, X

Rampant: Down, Down, X + R2

Rise: Down, Down, Circle

Corpse Walk Down, Down, Circle + R2

Resurrection: Triggers when Jason dies

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