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Mighty No. 9 Full Intro Stage Shown off at Tokyo Indie Fest


Mighty No. 9 Full Intro Stage Shown off at Tokyo Indie Fest

“Dr. White? Sounds familiar”

Tokyo Indie Fest is taking place this weekend in Akihabara, where developers and gamers alike are coming together to check out some awesome indie games. Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune was there to show off his Kickstarted spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9.

While some gameplay footage has been shown of the game in the past, this time around we got to see the entire opening stage being played by Inafune himself. The coverage of the game was streamed to Twitch, and can be found here. The interview/playthrough starts at 02:13:23. 

mighty no. 9

The likenesses to Mega Man are very apparent. There are doctors, both good and evil, who are creating robots and generally making the world a more messy place to live. You have to go across 8 stages to fight these boss robots, or “Mighty Numbers”. And presumably there is a multi-staged climb to the bad doctor at the end. However, the mechanics of the game seem to deviate from the standard Mega Man formula. Air-dashing and a combo system seem to play a crucial role in your overall ranking at the end of the stage. There’s also a power up mechanic involving which kind of enemy you kill.

Mighty No. 9 will be released in North America on September 15th, and world-wide on September 18th.


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