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Little Devil Inside Is yet Another Wonderful Kickstarter Project


Little Devil Inside Is yet Another Wonderful Kickstarter Project

Put your adventure pants on.

Diving into Kickstarter often has its rewards; whether it’s a group of industry veterans trying something new, or a very innovative idea, there’s always something surprising to discover. This time, among the specific number of video game projects seeking funding, there’s one called Little Devil Inside that is already showing huge promise.

Little Devil Inside is a 3D action adventure RPG in which players will become adventurers hired by a scientist looking for unusual and paranormal activity. With heavy influences by X-com, Legend of Zelda, System Shock, and Betrayal at Krondor, this title is a very ambitious proposal that goes way beyond great visuals and unique aesthetics.

Little Devil Inside’s developers are aiming to create an overall survival experience in which preparation, research and pace are as important as combat. Instead of using the obvious dungeon + reward formula, Neostream is trying to deliver a more integral experience. Knowing where you are going and what you are facing, and therefore getting the adequate gear, will be essential for your chances of surviving since “the main character is not a superhero or supernaturally gifted with powers in any way. Through the game he will develop and become strong but within human limitations. The character will be vulnerable and can be sick, hurt, etc.”

Additional features will also include vehicles and public transportation, a wide variety of weapons and, most importantly, multiplayer mode. The latter will include friend invite, co-op missions and even random encounters with other players within the game.

There’s still a lot to find out about Little Devil Inside, and just like any Kickstarter campaign, everything is subject to change or even failure. Nonetheless, there’s one thing that is certain: this is a very interesting project. I sincerely hope Neostream can pull this off, because I am really excited about what this title can turn into.

If funded, Little Devil Inside will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime around June in 2016.

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