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Leaked Video Suggests There's a New MediEvil Game Coming for the PS4


Leaked Video Suggests There's a New MediEvil Game Coming for the PS4

Is Sir Daniel Fortesque back from the dead?


It has since come to light that this is indeed a fan made project that was made in an effort to show Sony that many of us still care about their old IPs such as MediEvil and Crash Bandicoot. It seems Sir Daniel Fortesque is still resting in peace.


Gamers of a certain age may have fond memories of playing the 1998 PlayStation game MediEvil, which featured the bumbling undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque.

MediEvil 2 was released on the PlayStation in the year 2000 and a third game, called MediEvil: Resurrected, was released exclusively on the PSP back in 2005.

Since then, the MediEvil series has been as dead as disco and the memory of Sir Daniel Fortesque rested in our nostalgia. However, earlier today a video and image was leaked that suggests Sir Dan may be back from the dead.

A video has been posted on YouTube which shows very brief footage of a very current-gen looking Sir Daniel walking in a graveyard. What appears to be a screenshot of the new and improved knight has also been leaked.


Nothing has been confirmed by Sony at this point so we urge you to take this with a big pinch of salt. The image and video may well be fan made or simply a hoax. However, if there really is going to be a reboot of the MediEvil games, then it may be announced at this year’s E3 which isn’t too far away.

It’s also worth noting that Sir Daniel Fortesque was a playable character in the 2012 crossover Sony fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, perhaps that was a move on Sony’s part to re-introduce the character to a mainstream audience?

Again, we urge you to be skeptical about this leak, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Dan again?

[Source: Twitter, The Games Cabin]

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