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Korean Fans Upset Over Missing The Witcher 3 Localization


Korean Fans Upset Over Missing The Witcher 3 Localization

The Korean Hunts have been delayed

While The Witcher 3 is supposed to support numerous languages, fans in South Korea were outraged to find out that the PC versions doesn’t support Korean. On the plus side the consoles versions have full Korean localization but that doesn’t exactly help since South Korea is dominated by PC gamers.

The website Game Meca (thanks for the translation Kotaku) has reported that Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia said that “It is true that there was a delay in applying the Korean localisation due to development time.” This afternoon Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia announced that the Korean language will be added in a patch on May 21st.

Online has updated The Witcher 3 page to say that both the Korean and the Japanese versions have been delayed but Steam has yet to update their page.


Korean gamers have been taking out their anger on the Korean Steam Page where their bombarding the game with negative reviews, purely because of the missing localisation. Korean gamers pre-ordered the game because they were promised Korean localization so they feel tricked and cheated out the equivalent of US$65.

Below you can read some of the negative reviews that Korean gamers have been giving The Witcher 3 as translated by Sang:

“Why can’t I change to Korean?”

“It says Korean is supported but there is Korean upon running the game.”

“Why is there no Korean?”

“I’ve waited all night long, and there is no Korean. Shitty arse game.”

“The developers are back stabbing bastards. They have mentioned Korea as a special region in their interviews and omit it on the release lol. And now they say they are sorry and it was omitted. They are not solving the issue today but tomorrow lol. You bastards, does Korea look funny to you?”

“Hey hey, why is there no Korean?”

“I bought it because it was being localised into Korean, but there is no Korean. Got fucking backstabbed. I just wasted my money. Why did I buy this? I bought it because there was supposed to be Korean. What are you going to do when there is no Korean and graphics are downgraded too. They have no basics. Fuck..fuck…”

“Why is there no Korean? I’ve been scammed. It said Korean is supported but it’s not there.”

“Why did you fuck us up by group together Korean and Japanese language pack so we can’t even play when it is released? Do you know? It’s like saying the game is out in Poland on 19th but you can play it few days later since it is grouped with German language pack”

“There is no Korean. I’ve pre-ordered it because of Korea but got backstabbed. I am looking for a way to get a refund. How do I do that?”

“I’ve waited all night long and there is no Korean. Are you kidding me? It says Korean is supported on the interface and subtitles which is why I bought it. I thought my eyes were fucked up so I looked everywhere on the language setting and can’t see it. Bait and switch.”

“It was official Korean localisation but there is no Korean on the language setting. Backstabbed.”

“I’ve been scammed.”

“Why isn’t this localised? You said it was localised. Why is there no option to change the language to Korean? If you were going to be like this, why did you even bother giving us the thank you message?”

“What’s the reason for not supporting Korean when you said it does?”

“There is no Korean on the language setting. I feel like I’ve been backstabbed.”

“Scammers not supporting Korean. Is there a way to sue them? I am furious.”

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