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Everything We Know About Destiny House Of Wolves: New Exotics, Areas, Activities and More


Everything We Know About Destiny House Of Wolves: New Exotics, Areas, Activities and More

With less than one week left let’s run through everything we know.

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New Social Space: The Reef

House of Wolves

Pack your bags Guardians because there will be a new Destiny hub starting on May 19th when House of Wolves releases and it will be located at the Reef. Similar to how Eris was your go to gal for everything The Dark Below related, the Reef will be where House of Wolves owners will be getting business done but to a much greater degree.

There will be new Queen’s Wrath bounties doled out by Petra Venj and will have its own ranking system similar in structure to Eris’ from The Dark Below. The higher your rank, the more equipment and items you have access to.

There will also be two vendors responsible for taking care of your Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris needs, the two major additions that will be included in House of Wolves. Like with Petra and Queen’s Wrath, these vendors will have their own ranks and items associated with it. Variks, a  Fallen informant still loyal to the Queen, will sell high level end game equipment (34 is the new light level cap in Destiny in case you didn’t know).

Brother Vance will handle Trials of Osiris transactions. We’ll get to that game mode in a bit, but his stock is dependent on how many wins in a row you can string together in a single Trials of Osiris weekend tournament. In addition to the sweet looking new equipment, he will also sell consumables that will make hitting your win numbers easier.

Just because the Reef will be the new hotness doesn’t mean Destiny’s original social space, the Tower, is going away though. The speaker will be able to trade old useless currencies for more useful ones such as glimmer and radiants. Also, commendations will no longer be required to obtain vendor gear. You can trade those in for a reputation boost.

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