Earlier last week, our fearless leader Yami regaled her tales of trauma and terror as she encountered the most befouled and horrific creatures imaginable in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – including a Weavess, described in her own words as a “mutated garden gnome from your nightmares.” As a witcher, you are expected to fight and cope with all sorts of fiends and beasts. But, seriously, some of these monsters can cause even the bravest of monster slayers to look upon their visage for a single second, utter a resolute “NOPE”, and to promptly turn around and walk (or power walk… or jog… ah, screw it, run like hell) straight in the opposite direction.

In this week’s edition of Twinfinite Talks, we gathered opinions from fan and staff on Twitter and Facebook with the question “What is the worst enemy and/or creature you have fought inThe Witcher 3 – and why?” We have provided the best responses here for your enjoyment. Schadenfreude, much?

Nekkers – pretty much the horrifying fusion of a Lord Voldemort-like demon child and a Gremlin.

I’d like to keep both of my ears pristine, thank you very much.

Source: Elena Nerium Oleander – DeviantArt

Chris Samson: In my search for Witcher 3 cosplays, this has haunted my dreams – the Ladies of the Wood.

I am now officially afraid of swimming. Welp.

Apparently Yami is forever afraid of swimming too. She even wrote an article about it in order to cope.

Yamilia Avendaño: Drowners. drowners drowners drowners drowners drowners drowners…
(For an added bit of context, here was a hilarious exchange that first prompted Yami’s extreme aversion to these buggers.)
Yamilia Avendaño: “Oh! You can go underwater in The Witcher 3. OooOOOooO, you just know there’s some spooky monsters to fight.”
Ishmael Romero: “There are these monsters called Drowners that will grab you and try to pull you down so you drown.”
***Yamilia has left the chat***

I feel your pain, brother. 

Damian Skinner: For me the worst enemy I’ve had to fight is the fact that I can’t play it.

I don’t care what her backstory is – this one’s gotta be taken down!

IHateWill Gaming: I’m still early into this game but the main Noonwraith in the Devil by the Well quest.
Two reasons: 1.) learning her back story really bummed me out, and 2.) I didn’t read her entry in the bestiary, so I just kept trying to dodge and swing. She destroyed me so many times.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


So…. I’m guessing you don’t like Spider-Man as well?

Thom Peart: I did get killed by some giant spider thing in a cave that can fuck right off.

Friggin Botchlings… That’s all you have to say. At least we have a guide to handle this monstrosity.

This is some messed up, existential, Lord of The Flies philosophizing going down here.

Source: Greg Capullo , comicbookresources.com 

Thom Peart: I think you’ll find the worst monsters often look like regular people. Yeah…I’m deep… 

Which of these was the hardest or most horrifying monster you have fought in The Witcher 3? Was there an enemy or boss you think is worth mentioning? Feel free to share and discuss in the comments section below!