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GameStop Releases The Witcher 3 Early – Get Your Copy Now!


GameStop Releases The Witcher 3 Early – Get Your Copy Now!

The Hunt Begins…

While most people were expecting to have to wait until May 19 to be able to purchase their copy of The Witcher 3, according to a recent GameSpot post, GameStop has decided to break The Witcher 3 street date just a little bit early.

The GameSpot post mentions, “We called a local GameStop store to verify, and they confirmed, “You can come pick up the game right now.” While it is unclear whether this will be true for every GameStop location, it may certainly be worth giving your local retailer a call to see if you can stop by and pick up your game.

There have been a few people posting in forums and groups on Facebook as well, mentioning that not just GameStop, but also Wal-Mart, and Best Buy are also selling the game early.

I asked one member of the Facebook group how he had found out about this information and received this reply:

Because my best friend is the manager at GameStop. She said they came into the store today and found out that the entire company was told to release the game now. Do to some error, she said it stated that all retailers were being contacted by the creators or distribution whomever makes that call and were being told to release the game. It’s not just GameStop, but also bestbuy and Walmart.

Walmart however does not stick their shelves mid day so I doubt you’ll get it there. But you will 100% for sure get it from GameStop.

My best buy has released it too, but I would call yours to make sure. But be sure to stick to your guns because I would put money on some employees not knowing. But any manager would and should.

So what are you waiting for? If your store is open, it seems as though there’s a pretty good chance they’ll sell you a copy of The Witcher 3. Happy hunting!


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