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Far Cry 4 Complete Edition Announced for PS4 and PC, but Not Xbox One


Far Cry 4 Complete Edition Announced for PS4 and PC, but Not Xbox One

Xbox One gamers miss out, but why?

Yesterday, a German branch of Amazon listed a “Complete Edition” of Far Cry 4. As its name suggests, this edition would include the original Far Cry 4 game, as well as all the DLC that has been released for it so far. The game will apparently cost €59.99.

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This didn’t seem like very major news in itself because many big games get a re-release as either a Game of the Year edition or Complete Edition, and often include extras such as DLC. However, what makes this news eye raising is the fact that it seems this Complete Edition of Far Cry 4 will not be getting a release on the Xbox One.

When the news leaked, Ubisoft took control of the situation by revealing that the leak was indeed true and that the Complete Edition is due to be released on June 19th for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Notice how there’s no mention of an Xbox One release?

Game Reactor also noticed this omission and contacted Ubisoft to see whether this was an error. Ubisoft replied, saying that it currently have no plans to release the complete edition on the Xbox One and issued the following statement:

“The Far Cry 4 Complete Edition will be released on June 19, 2015 on Playstation4 and PC only in EMEA (European, Middle East, and Africa) territories. We have no plans to release it on Xbox One.”

Ubisoft has not specified exactly why the Complete Edition won’t get a release on the Xbox One, but no doubt Microsoft will be interested in the answer.

[Source: Game Reactor]

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