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7 Reasons the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Going to be a Must-Have Game


7 Reasons the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Going to be a Must-Have Game

All aboard the hype train, choo choo!

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Visceral and Challenging Combat

The Witcher 3

Hacking and slashing will get you nowhere in the world of the Witcher. It might get you killed, but that’s it. Combat in The Witcher 3 is much like its two predecessors; you dance Geralt around the battlefield with a series of dodges, parries, and blocks looking for the most opportune moment to strike. Enemies are no slouches though, as they will actively try to capitalize on every mistake you make with parries and dodges of their own. Packs of enemies will try to surround and overwhelm you, making the precision and timing of your moves all the more critical. Make a few too many careless mistakes or poorly timed strikes, and Geralt will be down for the count.

How you prepare for battle has always been a huge part of the Witcher games, and it’s no different here. Knowing your enemy’s weakness, having the right potions, applying the correct oil to your blade, crafting the correct throwable items, and meditating before a difficult battle are all imperative to victory. Knowing when and how to use signs (magic) is also extremely important. Combat in The Witcher 3 is more akin to Bloodborne — although more forgiving — than something like Skyrim. You won’t be bouncing across the land beating up giant frost trolls and dragons at level one. The monsters of The Witcher 3 do not level with you, meaning that you can easily run into a pack of enemies that will rock your socks off if you’re not a high enough level.


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