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PS4s Listed with Silent Hills PT Are Getting Removed from eBay


PS4s Listed with Silent Hills PT Are Getting Removed from eBay

Goodbye, Silent Hills.

Silent Hills hasn’t even settled into its grave yet, really. If anything it’s being raised from the dead over and over and over again by its zealous fans. And who can blame them? Along comes one of the most tantalizing revitalizations of a much-loved franchise and within weeks said franchise has been unceremoniously assassinated by the cold, dark hand of capitalism.

Which isn’t a strange tale, come to think of it. After all, Flappy Bird faced something similar (though on the opposite end of the capitalist spectrum) as the creator pulled the app from stores. Fans were similarly upset. And in that situation they did what anyone else would do: they took their phones and sold them on eBay for absurd sums of money.

silent hills

No surprise, then, that the same is now happening with PS4s with the Silent Hills PT still loaded onto a sacred section of the hard drive. Auctions sprung up on eBay all over. The demo was saved! Or at least it was until eBay started pulling the auctions from the site.

eBay’s official notice is the usual fare; one important line sticks out in particular (courtesy of kotaku):

We require gaming consoles to be restored to factory settings before they are allowed to be sold on eBay.

Ah, one moment please! According to eBay’s explicit policy “How to sell your video game console,” the following passage is recorded:

Before selling your video game console, it is highly recommended to go into the settings area, and reset the console back to factory default settings.


Whether this is a classic case of a distributor/online market twisting its own words to suit its own needs or a typical case of a large corporation placing pressure on another large corporation to cease and desist a sale is irrelevant, unfortunately. To the player the results are the same: PS4s being auctioned and advertised as containing PT will no longer be allowed to be sold.

Silent Hills was to be the latest entrant into the franchise before it was canned. You can read more about it here and here.

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