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Dying Light Unleashes a Bozak Horde Later This Month


Dying Light Unleashes a Bozak Horde Later This Month

Think you can deal with these new challenges, Crane?

Love zombies and parkour? Then you probably are enjoying Techland’s Dying Light, which we also happened to really enjoy. But maybe you found yourself thinking, “after having Superman strength and punching zombies to Mars for a day, I really wish me and my friends had some new challenges to go through in Dying Light“. Well you, friend, are going to kick a zombie’s jaw off in glee with this news.

Today, Techland has announced new DLC for the “Bozak Horde” DLC for Dying Light. It’ll put players in the Harran stadium to participate in a series of challenges from the titular Bozak. Like most people in Dying Light, he gets his jollies by watching people suffer, and it’s possible that you’re probably going to end up whacking him once all the challenges are done. The DLC will also net you a new location and compound hunting bow for all your silent zombie killing needs. It’ll hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 26 for $10.

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