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Development on Hellraid Suspended for More Dying Light


Development on Hellraid Suspended for More Dying Light

Mo’ zombies, mo’ parkour.

Techland’s Dying Light ended up being a surprise hit. Sure, people were generally “eh” about their previous game Dead Island, but with Dying Light, those same people and critics (including us!) were over the moon for the January release. They’ve got another piece of DLC coming next week, but luckily, things won’t be stopping there. On their Facebook page, Techland revealed that they’re suspending development on their other game Hellraid for more zombie killing, parkour first person action:

“In the recent months we conducted an internal analysis and came to the conclusion that Hellraid, in its current shape and form, is not meeting our own expectations for this project. Therefore, we decided the best course of action would be to send it back to the drawing board and invent our dark fantasy title anew.

In the meantime, we will consolidate our development resources and focus on further expansion of our Dying Light franchise.”

So bad news for all of you looking forward to Hellraid. It’ll still be coming out, maybe, just later than expected. In the meantime for Dying Light fans: where do you see the franchise going? Does this news make you happy? Let us know in the comments below.

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