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Destiny's Xur Has Thunderlord for Sale This Weekend (5/8-5/10)


Destiny's Xur Has Thunderlord for Sale This Weekend (5/8-5/10)

Destiny’s shady exotic dealer is back once again.

Xur, Destiny’s shady black market dealer, sells powerful exotic weapon and armor every weekend. This week though he is selling a very rare exotic machine gun, Thunderlord.

Thunderlord is one of the most powerful machine guns in Destiny, and is one of only a couple exotic machine guns available at all, making it quite unique. Thunderlord lacks any crazy gimmicks, it just sticks to refining its damage, accuracy and range, making it more deadly the more you upgrade it. Its unique perk, Lightning Rounds, rewards players that keep their finger on the trigger. The longer you fire Thunderlord, the more accurate and fast (firing speed) it becomes. Finally, as it name probably implies, Thunderlord fires arc damage. This gives you advantage over enemies such as Knights and Omnigul.

This weekend, Xur is hanging out by the big door near the speaker area. Besides Thunderlord, he is offering up gauntlets (Ruin Wings) for Titans, a helmet (ATS/8 Arachnid) for Hunters and a helmet, Obsidian Mind, for Warlocks. Ruin Wings helps you keep your heavy ammo stock high, and is perfect for the Crota fight where rocket launcher shots are crucial. ATS/8 Arachnid gives Gunslinger Hunters extra accuracy with their Golden Gun. While Obsidian Mind is great for Voidwalkers that want to be able to spam their special, Nova Bomb, especially if you pair it up with a gun that decreases your special cool down such as Bad Juju.

If you’re looking for strange coins, they can commonly be found by completing Destiny’s weekly heroic and nightfall strikes along with completing a daily public event and turning in blue engrams. Also, Xur has a multitude of exotic weapon and armor upgrades that can be purchased for one exotic shard and  around 7500 glimmer provided you have the original non-upgraded version.

xur locationthunderlord obsidian mind ats 8 ruin wingsThanks to Jeff of Destiny Fireteams for help with the pictures!



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