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Destiny Tip to Unlock House of Wolves Gear Early


Destiny Tip to Unlock House of Wolves Gear Early

You still need to wait until May 19. But there’s a chance you can be one of the first with House of Wolves gear.

If you’re a fan of Destiny, then you’re probably surging with excitement for the upcoming May 19 House of Wolves DLC release. As we get closer to the awaited date, Bungie has been leaking a steady stream of information on House of Wolves details. By now, we’ve seen samples of both the Trials of Osiris and the Prison of Elders, as well as some of the awesome gear that will drop as rewards.

While this is not a guarantee, there is a way to possibly be one of the first people to unlock the House of Wolves gear. You will still need to wait for the release on May 19. However, after the third rank, every time a guardian advances in a faction, vanguard, or crucible, the Postmaster presents a package as a reward from the corresponding group. These packages contain chances for both items and engrams. During House of Wolves, these packages should contain chances for House of Wolves gear.

So here’s how the tip works. A player levels up faction, vanguard, and crucible, to just below the point where the rank advances right before May 19. This will provide three different packages. A player could even level up all three factions, vanguard, and crucible, to provide five different packages. For a player with three characters, that could be fifteen different packages. Then, just wait until House of Wolves releases, finish off that last bit of experience in each group, collect the package, and cash in for rewards. If luck is on your side, you might end up with some House of Wolves gear.

Some players are even saving packages and engrams from before the release of House of Wolves. While you are free to give it a try, players who attempted that method before the release of The Dark Below reported that it did not work. It may not be the same with House of Wolves, but regardless, leveling up your groups and cashing in the packages is probably still your best bet. Good luck!


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