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Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Easily Beat Urrox, the Flame Prince


Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Easily Beat Urrox, the Flame Prince

“The ground upon which you walk shall burn. YOU shall burn.”


Urrox, the Flame Prince, scion of Oryx (Hive sure do love their titles), is one of the more challenging bosses within the Destiny‘s Prison of Elders activity if you approach him the wrong way. He is powerful, as are all the other bosses, but it’s how he manages to affect the arena that makes him extremely dangerous. In order to survive, a guardian must be prepared.

First things first, this is a Hive boss fight that takes place within the Prison of Elders’ Hive arena. That means Solar weapons will seriously come in handy. If there happens to be a specific burn as the modifier, then make sure to bring a weapons of that type as well, but still have somebody able to cover the Solar shields. Ammo Synthesis for weapons with low ammo counts (such as Heavy Weapons) are a must as well, since you’ll have to dish out a ton of damage.

Some weapons to consider are Vision of Confluence, Vex Mythoclast, Murmur, Gjallarhorn, Hunger of Crota, and Abyss Defiant. The last two come from the Crota’s End raid and can do extra damage to Hive enemies. In fact, if you have anything from Destiny The Dark Below‘s raid, there is a good chance that it will come in handy, so choose your favorite and let it rain death.

Urrox has an ability that burns the ground within the entire arena for ten seconds. For this reason, adjusting your guardian’s jump to provide the maximum amount of air time as possible is crucial. Hunters may have a more difficult time in this regard, but if you time your jumps just right then you’ll receive minimal damage.

A Defender’s bubble with the Blessings of Light Perk is one of the best skills for this fight. Not only does it help anyone struggling with the whole burning floor fiasco, but it will also play a critical part in holding down a safe area. For Hunters, Gunslinger is the go to subclass for taking out powerful adds and helping with the boss. Since it is a Hive arena, Sunsinger Warlocks can help control the arena as well, although Voidwalkers can still hold their own and contribute to crowd control.

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