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Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Beat Valus Trau'ug


Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Beat Valus Trau'ug

That’s just the way it is, his shield will never be the same.


prison of elders

As most guardians have already discovered, Destiny‘s newest challenge Prison of Elders is one tough activity. The levels, waves, and critical objectives are meant to test each guardians individual ability, as well as their efficiency as part of a small fireteam. One prime example is the Prison of Elders boss Valus Trau’ug.

This nasty Cabal commander brings all of the toughness that the alien race is known for, but with an added annoyance that will have many guardians questioning their resolve. Valus Trau’ug has the ability to change the element of his shield. This makes coordinating attacks a must, but it also makes weapon choices extremely important.

Outside of general preparation for the Prison of Elders, prior to the boss fight, both yourself and your two teammates need to select one of the three burns (Void, Arc, and Solar) and stick to it. The boss fight itself doesn’t allow much breathing room so switching weapons during the battle will not be a viable strategy unless you have a Defender that time out a Ward of Dawn for you. It’s best to be in control of one specific element for the duration of the fight. Also, everyone should have at least one solar weapon since cabal majors (like the Centurions) tend to charge you with their solar shields. Most other enemy types will keep their distance so they won’t be too much of a problem.

If there is a Titan in your team, make sure they are using their Defender Subclass, it will become very useful during the waves of additional enemies. Once your weapons, and subclasses are straight, you’re ready to get started.

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