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Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Beat the Wretched Knight


Destiny Prison of Elders Guide: How to Beat the Wretched Knight

WRECK this Wretched Knight!

Destiny Prison of Elders House of Wolves

The Wretched Knight can be one of the easier bosses in the Prison of Elders if you approach him with the right strategy and setup. For one, the Wretched Knight doesn’t have a shield. This makes him significantly easier to face than Valuus Taruug, who not only has one, but continuously changes its damage type throughout the battle.

When selecting weapons, no boss shield means that you don’t need to be as wary of what type of damage is applied. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore elemental damage entirely. This is a Hive boss fight which means that void damage weapons are the least useful. For this particular Hive fight, there are also no enemies with arc shields.

In fact, the only enemies with elemental shields are the chosen wizards with solar shields. If you have a Gjallahorn, which is a boon to any battle, it is particularly useful for inflicting damage upon the Wretched Knight while the wolf pack rounds simultaneously pop the wizards’ solar shields. The Abyss Defiant is also effective for dealing with the wizards in this fight as it blinds them in addition to dealing solar damage.

If you have any other Crota’s End weapons which do extra damage to Hive enemies as well as any other weapons which inflict solar damage, then you’ll want to bring them into the fight. Vex Mythoclast and Vision of Confluence are two good ones to consider. The Wretched Knight is an easy headshot, so high powered sniper rifles such as Icebreaker will work well, too. For armor, any piece that provides the perks of faster revives or increased orbs will be a valuable addition to this battle. Equip your gear and you’ll be ready to face the Wretched Knight.

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