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Destiny 1 House of Wolves: Trials of Osiris How to and General Tips


Destiny 1 House of Wolves: Trials of Osiris How to and General Tips

The Rules of the Trials of Osiris

So you picked up Destiny House of Wolves and you’re ready to jump right into its exciting new PvP mode, Trials of Osiris. Hang on a second though because before you jump you’re going to need to learn the basics.

Unlike other Crucible game modes, the Trials of Osiris require a pre-made fire team of three people. You can’t go in there alone and get matched with random people, nor would you want to really. Trials of Osiris is a pretty brutal and competitive place comprised of the most dedicated Crucible players. It also worth noting that the map each week will change; so don’t get too comfortable.

Before we get into describing how Trials of Osiris works, the first thing any team is going to want to do is head to the Reef and visit Brother Vance (the gentleman in the yellow cloak). He has a couple of things you’re going to need before starting. Most importantly, you’re going to want the Trials Passage. The Trials Passage keeps track of your wins and losses. Think of it as a punchcard. Your object is to punch as many wins on that card as possible before you get to three losses. The more wins you have on your card, the better equipment and rewards you have access to.

Ok, so onto the game mode itself. The Trials of Osiris has its own unique game type; even though it’s 3v3, this isn’t Skirmish or Salvage. Instead, you’ll be going head to head in Elimination style combat. Here’s how Elimination works: The object of the game is to down all three members of the opposing team before they do the same to you. There are no respawns, and the only way to get back up if you’re down is if you get revived by a teammate. If a round continues past the allotted time, a control point spawns and the game goes into sudden death. Whichever team captures the point (or eliminates the other team still) will capture the round.

The first team to win five rounds will win the match and earn a win on their Trials Passage “punchcard”. As you get more wins on your Trials Passage you’ll unlock access to more items from Brother Vance. On the flip side however, once you get three losses on your card, that card is thrown out and you’ll have to start back over. You do not need to be with the same team, your Trials Passage is unique to you and could mix and match teammates if you wanted to.

Brother Vance sells equipment and prize packages (like what you get from leveling your Vanguard or Faction ranks). They are all either free or sold for a nominal amount of glimmer. The catch is you can only get them once you have enough wins. The tiered prize packages can only be purchased once per week. If you get three losses you still have access to whatever you previously earned. However, if you still had previously unearned items (stuff you haven’t unlocked yet) you’ll have to gain access to them on a fresh card with zero wins.

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