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Destiny House of Wolves: The Shadow Thief Strike How to Unlock & Defeat Taniks


Destiny House of Wolves: The Shadow Thief Strike How to Unlock & Defeat Taniks

Time to hunt down Taniks.

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Unlock House of Wolves’ New Strike

So you’ve fired up Destiny House of Wolves for the first time and your itching to jump right in and take on its new strike, The Shadow Thief. While there are ways that you can play it right away, if you want to unlock it for yourself you’re going to need to do a couple of things first. Don’t fret though because unlocking The Shadow Thief isn’t nearly as complicated, or time consuming, as the previous new strike that was released in Destiny The Dark Below, Will of Crota.

The very first thing anyone should do when they start Destiny House of Wolves is to first head to the Reef and speak to Petra Venj. You’ll need to complete the first three story missions along with a short patrol farming session in between mission one and two.  Upon completion of The Silent Fang, the story quests will split into two, with The Shadow Thief being one of them and is now available in to be selected on the Moon. Congratulations! That was easy right?

Before we dip into our Shadow Thief strategy guide, there’s just a couple of miscellaneous things for you to be aware of. First, although you need to preform the following above steps to formally unlock the new strike, you can play The Shadow Thief through playlists or as a member of someone else’s party through the Nightfall (which as of week one is currently The Shadow Thief). Also, you can complete the story quest by completing The Shadow Thief on Nightfall if you want the additional challenge or want to kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, as always, if you’re doing this on the weekly or Nightfall, be sure to check the modifiers and equip the appropriate weapons to take advantage of the burns. Arc and fire weapons in particular will be helpful no matter what as many Fallen enemies have Arc shields, while the Shanks and Hive Wizards you’ll run into will have fire shields. Ok enough of all that, let’s finally dig into The Shadow Thief.

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