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Destiny House of Wolves Guide: How to Increase Your Light Fast


Destiny House of Wolves Guide: How to Increase Your Light Fast

Gotta go fast!

Getting Started

Destiny‘s latest expansion, House of Wolves, not only includes some brand new story missions that have players tracking down some powerful Fallen enemies, but it also includes some serious challenges. Trials of Osiris looks to prove once and for all who the greatest PvP contenders are, and the Prison of Elders arena activity will test the limits of guardians all over the world. In order to help players, the Light level has been increased to 34; and if any guardian wants to stand a chance in completing some of the higher tier challenges in House of Wolves, they’re going to want to hit that new cap fast.

Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips that will help everyone get into high level fighting form quickly. Follow these simple steps and you could be sitting at House of Wolves’ new level cap before you know it, providing a nice leg up on the competition. Before getting into the tips, it should be noted that the process could be further expedited by having more than one guardian. The classes of the guardians don’t really matter unless you’re trying for specific armor. The possession of more than one is really to increase your chances of getting certain drops from the weekly activities.

Players looking to increase their Light quickly in House of Wolves will need to decide which of their guardians they would like to pool all of their resources into. These tips could potentially get one level 32 guardian to the new cap of 34 over a few days, but it will require focus on one, while the other guardians just look on with jealousy. Players can easily switch focus to another guardian the following week, and so on.

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