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Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Prison of Elders as a Hunter


Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Prison of Elders as a Hunter

Facing The Prison of Elders as the Hunter Class

Now that the House of Wolves DLC has finally arrived, it’s time to gear up for Destiny’snewest PvE challenge: the Prison of Elders. While you may think you’ve got your Hunter class completely mastered, the Prison of Elders presents players with brand new obstacles and objectives that will force people to innovate new combat strategies and tactics.

However, if you haven’t quite found your groove with the Hunter class before downloading this new DLC, you should probably check out our original guide on How to Dominate as the Hunter Class.

The Prison of Elders will push players to their limits. As the objectives shift between fighting enemies and interacting with objectives, it will make sense for players to get comfortable with switching back and forth between the Hunter’s two subclasses, Bladedancer and Gunslinger. Unlike PvP where it is easy to favor a subclass and stick with it, the Prison of Elders will force players to think on their toes in rapidly transitioning high intensity combat.

Along with the unique new combat features that the Prison of Elders has brought toDestiny, there are three new House of Wolves exotic items specifically for Hunters. Acquiring these new exotic items, as well as upgrading older exotic and legendary items is a key strategy element to emerging victorious from the Prison of Elders.

In the Prison of Elders, the player is expected to have mastered all aspects of the Destinyuniverse which have been presented before this moment. It a lot to think about. Luckily, we’ve done some of that thinking for you. Don’t explode your mind with thinking. Explode alien heads in the Prison of Elders.

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