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Cities: Skylines Update Adds Tunnels but Affects Mods


Cities: Skylines Update Adds Tunnels but Affects Mods

Big tunnels, bigger city

Cities: Skylines, the PC city building sim released back in March of this year has just received patch 1.1.0. The patch brings one of the most requested features but is likely to affect the functionality of some of your mods.

A post on Paradox’s forums details what’s included in the update for Colossal Order’s SimCity killer. We’ve included these for you below:

  • Over 50 European-style buildings
  • Wall-to-wall buildings enabling players to build those European streets and neighborhoods
  • Three new starter maps
  • Tunnels, one of the community’s most requested features
  • A number of Asset Editor additions including the ability to import custom vehicles
  • A multitude of smaller cosmetic additions and bug fixes

The post does note however that the European style buildings are a map theme. This means that you will need to play a map in the European biome in order to see them. However what is most likely to upset fans of Cities: Skylines is the other note included in the post.

Unfortunately many mods and some custom assets will not work with Cities: Skylines 1.1.0 update and will need updating by their author. However, Paradox did note that they had worked as hard as possible to try and avoid these conflicts from happening, but the nature of change in code and functionality changes meant it was inevitable. They continued by stating that going forward they would be looking to work with core modders prior to the launch of future updates to minimise any future implications with mods.

Finally within the post, Paradox outlined their intentions for releasing future content.

“Going forward, we will focus on giving away the main features for free and improving the modding tools, while also selling major expansions around new mechanics…but we will also continue to offer free content such as new buildings and road types.”- The post reads.

What do you make of the update release? Are you still playing Cities: Skylines? Let us know in the comments below.

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