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Check Out These 5 Awesome Bloodborne Tattoos


Check Out These 5 Awesome Bloodborne Tattoos

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While many gamers are big fans of the PS4 exclusive hit Bloodborne, not many players are passionate enough about the game yet to embroider its images into their skin for life. However, a few die hard fans who know exactly what they want and don’t have time to waste have already taken to the tattoo parlors. Their passion for the game shows in the beautifully inscribed pictures on their bodies that will journey with them throughout their lives in the waking world.

 The Hunter’s Mark – A Tribute To Honor His Late Brother


First up is a tattoo of the Hunter’s Mark that is packed with meaning. This particular tattoo is not only a tribute to the game Bloodborne but more importantly is also a tribute to a lost loved one as is described in this reddit post submitted by CrunchpuffBloodborne’s  in-game description of the Hunter’s Mark reads, “Dangling, upside-down rune etched in one’s mind. Symbol of a hunter. By focusing one’s thoughts on this rune, a hunter loses all Blood Echoes, but awakes afresh, as if it were all just a bad dream.” While the post does not go into much detail about the reasoning behind the tattoo, it is possible that the tattoo is meant to symbolize the idea of the brother’s soul, awakening fresh either in a new life or in Heaven. In any scenario, the tattoo along with the meaning behind it is a beautiful expression of a bond between brothers through this life and the next.

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