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Check out These 20 Heartwarming Pieces of Yooka-Laylee Fan Art!


Check out These 20 Heartwarming Pieces of Yooka-Laylee Fan Art!

Dare you to not say “awwww” at any of these.

Fans of Rare and the beloved Banjo Kazooie franchise are absolutely ecstatic over the Yooka-Laylee’s initial announcement and the overwhelming success with their recently launched Kickstarter campaign. In astonishingly lightning paced speed shortly after the game and its protagonists were revealed, fans took their drawing tables, tablets, and computers to create charming and fantastic pieces of fan art. Here are the best pieces of art shared on Twitter and DeviantArt.

Talented artists put their own spin on character design, but at its core all pieces retained Yooka-Laylee’s indelible appeal.


Although, artist Michael J. Larson showed us what would happen if Yooka-Laylee was actually a horror game.


Other fans wanted to get the whole family together.

So that’s what our heroes do in their spare time! Thanks, Chari-Artist!


This is probably the most beautiful display of friendship I have ever seen in a video game. Great job, SnookumsGal!


If Yooka-Laylee actually defeated enemies with sonic wave attacks and ukuleles as Cortoony portrays it here – I’m calling it, instant Game of the Year status.



As an added extra bonus, a fan by the name of Billy Lauko decided to create his own custom Yooka-Laylee amiibos out of clay!

Let’s commend all of these artists and fans for being so incredibly talented and for their passion in this exciting, new project by Playtonic Games. What was your favorite piece of fan art? Do you have fan art you wish to display? Feel free to comment and share below?

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