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Bloodborne’s Hidden Backstory Finally Explained


Bloodborne’s Hidden Backstory Finally Explained

At last, you can finally understand what’s happening in Yharnam.

Going Backwards To Go Forwards


In contrast with many other popular video games, Bloodborne doesn’t reveal most of the game’s story in its cinematic cutscenes. While these scenes are beautiful and do provide you with crucial clues in solving the mystery, they are not the only pieces to the puzzle. There are hidden details buried within item descriptions, environmental details, character dialogues, and more that one must pay close attention to in order to unravel the story of Yharnam.

If you don’t want to ruin the Bloodborne story explanation for yourself, don’t read any further. There are spoilers to follow. At the same time, there’s a tremendous amount of the story that isn’t covered in this explanation so it won’t ruin it completely, but will reveal quite a bit.

To understand what’s happening in Yharnam, it is difficult to start from the perspective of the character that the game places you in. All of the events you experience in Bloodborne are predicated on an extensive past. So if you really want to understand Bloodborne, the best place to start is as far back in the timeline as the information provides, which is the time of The Great Ones.


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