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This Surprise Attack Video Perfectly Sums Up Everything We Love About Bloodborne


This Surprise Attack Video Perfectly Sums Up Everything We Love About Bloodborne

Ruthless, sneaky, and vicious.

Bloodborne is exactly as unforgiving as its predecessors Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Which is pretty much exactly what one would expect from a game by the same creative mind Hidetaka Miyazaki (who, hilariously enough, shares his family name with reknowned animator Hayao Miyazaki). The game naturally features more than its fair share of close calls, frequent deaths, and absurd difficulties.

For those of you who need a helping hand, Twinfinite offers a wonderful wiki filled with guides and some excellent world lore to boot. For everyone who’s a fan of Bloodborne, I think we can all appreciate the beauty when gaming moments go perfectly right. Like this magnificently executed sneak attack. Nothing gives that sense of satisfaction like getting the jump on an unsuspecting victim.

Oh…right…were we talking about the monster?

Bloodborne players (and if you’re not one, this review might change your mind) are no strangers to crushing defeat. Repeated, agonizing, brutally crushing defeat. What is truly insidious, however, is to have precious and scarce victory snatched ruthlessly from your hands by the jaws of a brilliantly designed enemy AI.

(Bloodborne players might also call to attention the fact that, based on this video alone, the poor player here neglected to adequately secure his surroundings before advancing on his would-be target. Whether this is a “tsk, tsk,” moment or a toast to bad luck, we’ll never know.)

Bloodborne continues to enjoy rabid success and promises future DLC goodness. The game itself is massive, features the multiplayer aspects of Dark Souls, and is overall one of the better titles we’ll see in 2015.

If you happen to have any similar experiences to share whilst trudging through the horrors of this wonderful title, share them in the comments! Misery loves company, and if it’s Bloodborne there’s plenty of misery.

Happy hunting!

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