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Bloodborne Fans are Losing Their Minds over the DLC Announcement


Bloodborne Fans are Losing Their Minds over the DLC Announcement

And so, all of Yharnam screamed and shouted in reverie and delight!

In a recent tweet that went viral, the President of Worldwide Studios, for Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, officially confirmed that a Bloodborne DLC expansion is set for a future release. He did not elaborate on any specifics, only that further information about the project would be released later in year. Not surprisingly, the announcement summoned forth a tumultuous tide of excitable and joyous tweets. We have compiled the best tweets so you too can join in on the infectious hype. Prepare yourselves, dear hunters!

The hype is REAL, y’all!

So…. many…. FEELINGS!

Here, we also get some words of wisdom from a true sage.

Some fans took to speculating and theorizing about the Bloodborne DLC expansion.

Fans began to send in their requests and suggestions on what they would love to see in this new expansion of Bloodborne. I say – go full ham.

It is clear that many devoted hunters out there will sacrifice their own humanity in hopes of any inkling of news related to this mysterious new Bloodborne expansion. Like the ancient, eldritch horrors that populate the city of Yharnam that eventually reveal themselves to you over the course of the game, so too will new information about the DLC.

Til then, we can only hope to discuss and speculate. How excited are you about the game? What would you like to see appear in this new installment? Feel free to comment and share below!

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