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The Best Destiny Classes Ranked for Prison of Elders


The Best Destiny Classes Ranked for Prison of Elders

Destiny has lots of subclasses but which one is the best in the new House of Wolves PvE content?

6. Striker

The Striker Titan has had a tumultuous career in Destiny’s PvE (player vs. enemy) content. It was largely a PvP class when Destiny first launched but was much more useful when The Dark Below released thanks to its ability to dispatch swarms of Thrall and Hive that can overwhelm you in both Crota’s End and Will of Crota. It really found a nice niche as one of the best Destiny classes especially in the earlier parts of both the new raid and strike.

Although all classes have their uses, someone has to be last, and unfortunately in House of Wolves that would probably have to be the Titan Striker, despite it being higher in our last ranking. Prison of Elders on higher difficulties is just too hectic to get up close and personal. Sure, the Striker can be great when you get that perfect opportunity to wipe out a group of trash enemies, but afterwards in many cases you’ll be left wide out in the open for a boss or new swarm of enemies to quickly take you out. Its low speed doesn’t do it any favors either when trying to get to critical objectives quickly. All that being said, if you’re holed up in cover and swarm of enemies surprises you, no other Destiny class is better at taking care of that problem as quickly and swiftly as the Striker and its Fist of Havoc super.

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