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Batman: Arkham Knight's Primary Voice Cast Revealed


Batman: Arkham Knight's Primary Voice Cast Revealed

You may know some of these voices…

Part of the appeal of the Batman Arkham games has been that it while it is as dark as the more recent comics and films, it’s backed by the voice cast from the 90s Batman Animated Series. Say what you will about the show, but Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the definitive Batman and Joker for a lot of people, and Rocksteady wisely picked up on that for the first two games (in Arkham Origins, they were respectively voiced by Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker). With Arkham Knight over a month away, they’ve revealed the full primary cast for the final installment in their trilogy.

Just like before, Batman will be voiced by Conroy, Tara Strong will be playing Harley Quinn, while Nolan North and Gaming’s Voice Acting Emperor Troy Baker are the Penguin and Two-Face, respectively. Newcomers include Breaking Bad’s Johnathan Banks as Commissioner Gordon, Twilight’s Ashley Greene as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) as Nightwing. Fringe’s John Noble will voice our primary villain, Scarecrow. Catwoman and Robin were voiced by Grey DeLisle and Baker, respectively, in Arkham City, but it’s unknown if their voices are being recast.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on June 23.

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