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A New Atelier Game is On the Way, says Gust


A New Atelier Game is On the Way, says Gust

It’ll be “crazier than last year.”

Following their announcement of new action RPG, Yoru no Nai Kuni, game director Keisuke Kikuchi also revealed to Dengeki PlayStation that there is more Atelier news coming our way.

Kikuchi, along with the Atelier series director Yoshiko Okamura, and Ar Tonelico series director Akira Tsuchiya discussed the future of the series:

Regarding the Future System of Releases

Keisuke: “Until now, Gust has released an Atelier game every year, and every several years a new Surge Concerto game. But there are a lot of titles I want to make outside those. And for that opportunity, we launched a new line. For this game, I’m also receiving feedback from Okamura (Atelier director) and Tsuchiya (Surge Concerto director).”

Regarding this Year’s Goal

Okamura: “We still have news to deliver for fans waiting on the Atelier series.”

Tsuchiya: “If we can do interesting things with games both inside and outside, and collaborations with other game makers, I think that’ll be good.”

A Message for Gust’s Fans

Okamura: “I’m sorry to keep you waiting for Atelier. A new game is still to come, so please look forward to it.”

Tsuchiya: “I want to work hard at appearing to be ‘even crazier than last year.’”

Thanks, Gematsu.

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