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A Must-Have Super Mario Bros. Themed Amiibo Stand to Be Released This Fall


A Must-Have Super Mario Bros. Themed Amiibo Stand to Be Released This Fall

Amiibo hunters – I present you your new trophy case!

The life of an amiibo hunter is a neverending and harrowing struggle. It is capable of having the highest of high’s and the lowest of the low’s. But that implicit risk is all part of indelible fun and appeal of the hunt, isn’t it? (Although, we digress… dealing with inconsistent or ineffective store policy/infrastructures and scalpers can kill the inherent joy of amiibo hunting). However, if you follow Justin’s amazing tips, or if you are extremely diligent, resourceful, and lucky – you will be the lord and master over all those hard-to-find amiibos. Victory and triumph will be yours!

It is difficult to understate the appeal of this amiibos as collectibles. They feature some of the most iconic characters and mascots of Nintendo’s finest franchises. They are beautifully sculpted and painted, and boast an incredible attention to detail. After all the trouble you went through to acquire these fanciful figurines, every self-deserving amiibo hunter needs an equally epic mantle to showcase his or her trophies.

Look no further, amiibo hunters! Like a wild Pokemon in the high grass, the perfect amiibo display case & stand has suddenly appeared! Behold, the POWER A amiibo End Level Display” case!

This amazing, retro, 8-bit amiibo stand is a tribute to the iconic end stage of the Super Mario Bros. games for the NES. A recent Amazon listing has gone live, and is currently taking pre-orders for the price of $29.99. The stand is able to hold up to 6 amiibo figures, which would allow your entire Mario Party 10 amiibo collection to be displayed at one time. Of course, there’s no harm in mixing and matching franchises as well. This beautiful piece stands at “over 15 inches tall and 18 inches wide.” They are set to ship out for a general release on October 1, 2015.

Considering how popular amiibos are and how quickly they fly off the shelves, amiibo collectors would likely be eager to purchase this equally attractive and amazing set piece for their figurines. Hopefully, these stands will be easier to acquire than the amiibo figures themselves. On the other side of the spectrum, you can always try your hand making your own amiibo stand – such as this amazing hand-crafted and painted Super Smash Bros. themed Final Destination stage diorama by artist Danilo Santeliz.

What do you think of this incredible 8-bit amiibo stand? Is this something you would consider buying? Feel free to comment and share below!

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