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10 Nintendo Rides and Attractions We Wish Were Real


10 Nintendo Rides and Attractions We Wish Were Real

Tomorrowland? I’ll pass – it’s Nintendo Land that we want!

We, at Twinfinite, have been extremely excited ever since Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts officially declared a partnership to build and release Nintendo themed attractions and rides in the near future. Naturally, this sparked our imaginations and created a ton of discussions among us, including here and here. Between the Twinfinite staff and the fan community on Facebook and Twitter, we collected the top 10 Nintendo inspired theme park rides and attractions that should absolutely be pitched to the tycoons.

Now You Can Do All The Barrel Rolls!

Ishmael Romero:  Star Fox flight experience man. I loved the flight sim thing they had at the Smithsonian when I went, so I would love to have that set in the world of Star Fox. I would definitely pay to experience that.

Chris Samson: It should be multiple flight simulators operating at once, and you should have the ability to do it in groups and have com links between your friends.

Ishmael Romero: That would be extremely dope, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be doable. Just feeling every single barrel roll, and loop as you try and fly in formation along with your friends would be awesome. Heck, they don’t even have to include combat, just create some sort of obstacle course.

Chris Samson: Hell yeah! I’d love to see dogfights between your friends like a battle royale mode haha. And maybe each different sim cockpit belongs to a specific Star Fox character so your voice comes out sounding like each respective pilot, haha.

Ishmael Romero: Oh, please somebody make that now. Like right now. This very instant.


Real Life Mario Karting, you say?! Let’s a go!!!

Tony D’AmbrosioMario Kart, complete with ramps, turtle shells, and mushroom boosters.

Unlike Jurassic World, this park’s denizens won’t try to maim, kill, or eat you! (We hope!)

Ishmael Romero: Maybe a ride that would take park goers through a Pokemon Snap type deal would be more feasible. Imagine just jumping into a caravan with a bunch of friends, camera in hand, as you guys try to get the best shots of all the Pokemon? Dude, that would be so sweeeeeet.

Taylor Andrew BarnesPokemon Snap rollercoaster, because Pokemon.

Fun for the whole family, but try not to Falcon Punch any of the other attendees…


Where the Wild Things Are



Chris Samson: Another idea is to have a Pokemon Safari Zone attraction where you can throw Pokeballs at Pokemon holograms to capture them. And if you catch over a specified amount or capture a rare one, after the experience you can take home an amiibo figure of that Pokemon.

Ishmael Romero: I think that would be way out of a reasonable budget lol.

If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call…?


Chris Samson: There should be a haunted house, horror attraction that pays tribute to Luigi’s Mansion. People are given their own Poltergust 3000 and a flashlight, and they have to walk through each room in the house to capture and re-seal ghosts and wary of jump scares. For an extra memorable experience, you can strap on GoPro cameras and record everything that happens & your reactions.

And suddenly, pottery makers around the world had a simultaneous urge to cry – but had no idea why.

Anabel Yupanqui: A Zelda all you could break pot extravaganza. Great stress relief!

An indie developer is creating a quadcopter game for Nintendo, so why can’t Nintendo invest in quadcopters too?

Chris Samson: Across the country, there exists an organized, underground, Fight Club-esque league called the “Game of Drones.” Quadcopters and their pilots engage in aerial gladiatorial combat. I want to have quadcopters outfitted with chassis that replicate the chassis of Star Fox and F-Zero vehicles, and have them do battle with each other. You could also have first person view quadcopter races with quadcopters & chassis that look like the cars, hovercrafts, and airplanes from Diddy Kong Racing

You can escape the Planet Zebes as Samus, but there’s no way to escape the lines to this rollercoaster!

Mike Eaton: A roller coaster of the big escape at the end of Super Metroid.

Kick back, take a vacation, and enjoy the (Mario) sunshine with these water parks!


Chris Fox: A Zora splash ride is a given! Or maybe a Dire Docks themed Lazy River.


Hopefully some big wig high on the corporate chain of command on Nintendo and/or Universal Parks & Resorts can see this – because any of these rides would make us jump for joy and shout “Yahoo!” like Nintendo’s famous plumber mascot. Which of these rides would you most like to see as a real attraction or ride? Do you have an idea of your own? Feel free to comment and share below!


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